Hub Community Foundation

The Hub Community Foundation (HCF) is a charity that raises money for those in need through the financing of community-based projects built by the Scotland-wide hub programme.

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Hub Community Foundation

About HCF

In December 2015 the HCF was incorporated as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

HCF looks to create long-term employment opportunities such as apprenticeships, training or work experience which are directed towards helping young people aged between 12 – 21.

Other primary focusses of HCF are the improvement of education and, health as well as the provision of better facilities to help the disadvantaged or those in need.

Hub Community Foundation

What HCF Does

HCF is working in partnership with Inspiring Scotland to support young people across Scotland into employability and training.

Through involvement in the Scotland wide hub programme, HCF has raised sufficient funds to establish the Building Brighter Futures Fund. After a rigorous application process, the Building Brighter Futures Fund will provide over £1 million, over the next three years, to 10 different charities, to help reduce youth unemployment across Scotland.

This funding will help the charities to continue to deliver great work that helps make a real difference to young peoples’ lives.

Details of the 10 charities to receive funding are in the publication/news section below.


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